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I started the research for this collection by digging through several albums of family pictures from the late 70´s and onwards. Focusing on the late 70´s to early 90´s, a time when my parents were active participants of a socio-spiritual organisation stemming from India. The name of the collection is Whalebone, which is a reference to my mother and her Icelandic roots. I’ve thought a lot about my own childhood and memories, and how these influences melted into each other.

The photos I looked at were full of earth tones which I´ve used as a base in the collection, while adding dashes of muddy pink, lemonade yellow and teal blue.

There is a play on classics and the use of traditional textiles in a slightly twisted way. I worked with creating movement in the fabrics, which comes from being surrounded by men and women dressed in orange fabrics draped around their bodies, often layered with a knitted sweater. 

I don’t like to be too literal, and I play on the way the mind alters memories and distorts them within how I work. I like to work free, and to not be too bound by the visual research. 

This collection is a distorted memory. And a search for comfort.

Images Courtesy of Lucas Gaussen, IGW studios and Oslo Runway.

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